Adventures with SUSE - Part 1

Tomorrow I start working at a new job.

One that requires me to use SUSE Linux, as opposed to Red Hat or Debian, both of which I have previous experience in.

As such i'm going to blog about it and reveal the aspects in which I find it different to the above distro's.

To start I looked at grabbing a copy of OpenSUSE (SUSE's community edition). I went on over to and was presented with 2 options - Tumbleweed or Leap.

Tumbleweed seems to be the cutting edge released based on a frequent realese cycle, think Ubuntu's 6 months release cycle. Leap on the other hand seems to be a stable release, think Ubuntu LTS releases with a longer release cycle and long term support. I opted for Leap here and grabbed the LEAP 42.1 x86-x64 ISO, as it's stable and probably closer to what i'd find in production.

Once downloaded I spun up a VM on VMWare Fusion and proceeded to install. So far i've opted for KDE as my desktop environment and i'm giving it a spin.

I'm sure it will take some time getting used to the differences - Zypper and YAST vs YUM, apt-get or APTITUIDE etc, but i'll keep updating as I go!

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