ET500 domestic sliding gate motor - Programming a new gate remote

If, like me, you want to program your new ET Blue Mix remote to work with your ET500 domestic gate motor, then do the following:

1.) Check what format your ET Blue Mix remote is transmitting in:

You can do this by holding a button on your gate remote (pick the button you want to program). If it transmits a solid red LED then it will work with your ET500, however if it transmits a flashing red LED then it won't. Luckily you can change it to be compatible!

2.) Set you ET Blue Mix remote to the correct format:

Hold in the button you want to program and wait for +-20secs. It should change from a flashing red LED to a solid red LED (no flashing). Once this happens let go of the button. This will make sure your remote, is broadcasting in a compatible format, that your gate motor can learn.

3.) You can now open your gate motor housing. Place jumper supplied across 2 pins marked PROG J. You are now ready to program the new remote.

4.) Press and HOLD the button you want to program (do this about an arms length from the gate motor). Holding the button in (LED on remote should be solid and NOT flickering (if flickering repeat step 2)) proceed to short the BT pin to the middle pin. RX LED will flash confirmation of user button learnt. You can now release the button, as you've just linked the remote to the gate motor.

5.) Next remove PROG J jumper, and proceed to test your new remote.

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